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Pregnancy, PennHIP, and OFA




Pregnancy examinations can be performed with ultrasound in dogs as early as 25 days after their last breeding.  Ultrasound examinations allow us to determine fetal heartbeats and monitor the progression of pregnancy.  Unfortunately, this does not allow us to accurately determine the number of puppies in a pregnancy.


After 50 days of pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant dogs have x-rays taken for an accurate puppy count, so there are no surprises on whelping day.  



OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals


OFA is a non-profit foundation database that aims to reduce the incidence of genetic disease.  OFA certifications are available for hip and elbow joints once a dog has reached 2 years of age.  Additionally, all animals with submission for OFA certification must have permanent identification (microchip or tattoo) and have a registration number through the AKC or another breed registry.


Dogs undergoing OFA certification are sedated for a short period of time, and reversed with medication as soon as the procedure is completed.